Engine bearing for CATERPILLAR 3304 3306

Product name: Engine bearing for CATERPILLAR 3304 3306 Product brand: CNSUDA Product number: SD-04001/SD-04002 Reference number1: 4W5739/4W5738 Reference number2: 8N8220/8N8224 Original material: CuPb24Sn Suitable for engine: CAT 3304 3306 product size: Diameter:82.800/97.00 Warranty Period:: 100000 kms or 1 year Sample service: free sample,charged freight MOQ: 500 sets production capacity : 300000 pcs each month Delievery time: 90 days pcs/set: 2 Pcs for main bearing,2 pcs for conrod bearing

Products Details


1.Competitive price. 2.High quality guaranteed: one year. 3.Specializing in engine parts for more than 20years 4.Standard and oversize all can supply. 5.Big capacities for supplying extensive reference numbers 6.Coordinate many part numbers in one PO 7.Excellent experience for making several private brands Technical Requirment : Running surface of the bearings up and down side roughness are 0.80 and 3.20 required by drawing, . Steel back roughness required 6.30


1.Free Spread (Housing Diameter) 2.Wall thickness 3.Wall length 4.Locating lug 5.Oil Groove 6.Bearing Back 7.Running Surface 8.Oil Hole 9.Joint Face 10.Inside Edge 11.Outside Edge 12.Bearing Daimeter 10.Flange Diameter

When install bearings we need cautions

1.Thin-walled bearings are not allowed to be repaired, and can only be selected according to the real size and thickness 2.Thinning the bearing running boundary 3.Prevent the bearing rolling though the bearings with locating lug 4.Adjust the tightness of the crankshaft bearing timing belt properly 5.The thickness of main and connecting rod bearing alloy tends to be thinner 6.There should be a certain gap between the bearing or bush and the journal

Packaging & shipping & payment

1.packing according to clients. 2.30% deposit before production,balance payment can be discussed. 3.Lead time depend on actual situation,we would try our best to push order and info you 4.Delivery by Air,Sea,Train,Car Engine bearings are one of the most important parts of the engine and require the utmost precision during production. High quality engine bearings can extend the life of an engine. It is with this in mind that CNSUDA have developed their range of engine bearings. Quality testing of raw materials and random testing through the production process ensure that the finished product we put in our boxes is a perfect fit. Processing Steps

Catalog for CATERPILLAR engine bearing

SD-04001 3304, 3306 CONROD 4W5739 8N8220 8N8221 82.800 12
SD-04002 MAIN 4W5738 8N8224 8N8225 97.000 14
SD-04003 3,204 CONROD 8N6308 74.730 12
SD-04004 MAIN 1W0312 94.2 14
SD-04005 3,208 CONROD 4W8090 7E7894 74.730 12
SD-04006 MAIN 4W8092 4W8091 94.2 14
SD-04007 3,116 CONROD 7W9415 75.014 12
SD-04008 MAIN 7W9416 101-1530 95.014 14
SD-04009 3,406 CONROD 9Y9497 103.513 12
SD-04010 MAIN 4W5492 129.903 14

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