crankshaft main bearing and big end bearing

Crankshaft main bearing and big end bearing Part number:SD-35003/SD-35004 Ref number:M654A/R652A M5990A/R5901A MS-2401A/CB-2401A Suitable for :SUZUKI engine F8B Y64 Diameter:54.02mm/41.02mm Warranty Period: 100000 KMS SUZUKI F8B main bearing includes 8pcs,conrod bearing is 6pcs,we make it with AlSn20Cu material.

Products Details

Location in the Engine:

Bearings can be found in a number of locations across the engine: Cylinder Block/Bottom End Main Bearing – Located on the Crankshaft Main journals. Big End Bearing – Located at the ‘Big End’ of the Connecting Rod, where it connects to the Crankshaft. Flange Bearing/Thrust Washer – Located at the end or mid-way through the Crankshaft Small End Bearing – Located at the ‘Small End’ of the Connecting Rod, where it connects to the Piston Gudgeon Pin 8nfsd5d8bsdadf6s

Catalog for SUZUKI engine bearing

SD-35001 F8A,F10A CONROD R651A R5983A CB-1179A 41.020 8
SD-35002 MAIN M651A M5983A MS-1179A 54.020 10
SD-35003 Y64,(F8B) CONROD R652A R5901A CB-2401A 41.020 6
SD-35004 MAIN M654A M5990A MS-2401A 54.020 8
SD-35005 F5A CONROD R653A R5902A CB-2402A 35.020 6
SD-35006 MAIN M653A M5901A MS-2402A 44.020 8
SD-35007 G10,G10-T CONROD R655A R5985A CB-2403A 45.070 6
SD-35008 MAIN M655A M5985A MS-2403A 49.020 8
SD-35009 G13,G13B CONROD R656A R5986A CB-2404A 45.070 8
SD-35010 MAIN M656A M5986A MS-2404A 49.020 10
SD-35011 G15,G16 CONROD R657A R5987A CB-2405A 47.020 8
SD-35012 MAIN M657A M5987A MS-2405A 56.020 10
SD-35013 F6A CONROD R658A R590A CB-2406A 39.010 6
SD-35014 MAIN M658A M598A MS-2406A 48.01 8
SD-35015 Z13DT (OPEL) CONROD 71-4033/4 45.700 8
SD-35016 MAIN 54.7 10

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